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FADM Kawika Nottage - Fictional Fleet Bio

Member's Name:  David G. Nottage, III  (SCC-28197)
Character's Name: Fleet Admiral Kawika Nottage  Post:  USS Golden Gate
Department:  Command
Species: Vulcan/Betazoid  Age: 56 Terran years  Height: 6'3"  Weight: 235 lbs.
Skin: Fair  Hair: Brown  Eyes: Brown Sex: Yes - Frequently
Place of Birth:  Betazed
Father:  David G. Nottage, Jr.   Mother:  Nancy W. Nottage
Brothers: Robert Nottage, Brook Nottage
Spouse:  Single
Education:  University of Hawaii - Literature/Psychology


Fleet Admiral Kawika Nottage was born on Betazed but raised on the Island of Maui with his adopted parents and two-step brothers on Earth. His parents were killed in a Borg attack while traveling to Betazed. He possesses a unique combination of Vulcan and Betazoid heritage, which can lead to a conflict of emotions. However, he is well-mannered and intelligent, with a love for well-structured organizations. Mr. Nottage graduated from the University of Hawaii, majoring in Literature and Psychology, and joined Starfleet at the age of 27. He met his wife, Joanne, just before deployment. His first assignment was on board the USS Atreides as a ship's counselor, where he put his logical and empathic talents to good use. After a 9-month tour, he was given the command of the Shuttle Golden Gate, which was later commissioned as an Athabaska Exploratory Cruiser, making history in Starfleet. Despite his conflicting emotions, Fleet Admiral Nottage's physical health is excellent, although he sometimes experiences stress from his dichotomy. He finds solace in water sports, sailing, and scuba diving.

Mr. Nottage was born on Betazed but grew up on the Island of Maui with his adoptive parents and two step-brothers on the planet Earth.  The Borg in an attack killed his parents many years ago on a transport ship from Vulcan to Betazed to visit relatives.  He is a well-mannered and intelligent man who has rarely attempted to use his telepathic powers as a young man since he can only read emotions and this reacts poorly with his Vulcan blood.  Emotion when seen by Mr. Nottage is very extreme and usually in the form of short-term rage, due to the fact that it can be uncontrollable.  But after a cooling-off period alone, his Vulcan blood kicks in and the illogical emotions are put aside.  This leaves him in a dilemma with having to constantly deal with the illogic of emotion while attempting to cater to his Vulcan blood.  He is a lover of meticulous and well-thought-out organizations and when put into a disorganized situation will attempt to restructure the scene for the betterment of all.  He is always conscious of hurting other people because he holds high expectations of people and is often let down by those that do not meet his personal parameters.

Prior to Graduating from Fleet Academy at 27, he met and married his companion Joanne.  Sailing in the waters off the town of Kaneohe, HI.  They were married just before deployment.  His wish was to rise up the ranks in the Exploration Department of Starfleet.  His first assignment did just that and was on board the USS Atreides, posted as the ship's counselor where he put his logic and empathic talents to good use.  After a 9-month tour with the USS Atreides, Mr. Nottage has been given the Command of the Shuttle Golden Gate. The Gate's mission is Diplomatic/Medical.  In a matter of 3 months a Fleet record, the Shuttle Golden Gate was commissioned as an Athabaska Exploratory Cruiser. A Ship of the Line of Starfleet International.  After a year there was too much controversy in this organization and a move was made to The United Federation of Planets, Internationalé in 1996.  After many years with that group it was decided that Starfleet was in a better place and so in 2011 the USS Golden Gate returned to Starfleet International and her original home.

Mr. Nottage's physical health is in excellent.

This is where the problem sometimes lies.  When at times it seems the stress of his conflicting emotions wares on his mental health.  He has never had a complete breakdown; his Vulcan blood prevents this from ever happening.  He will often just need time alone to evaluate his experiences.  Mr. Nottage's mental health over the last two years has improved and he has accepted the dichotomy of his personality to the extent that he can willingly use and justify the use of his telepathy more and more.

All water sports, sailing, and scuba diving.

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