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The crew of the USS Golden Gate is led by Fleet Admiral David Nottage, who founded the ship. Other key officers include Executive Officer FCAPT Justin Fietzek, Chief Medical Officer Captain George Pappas, Marine Commander COL. Alvin Camidge, Chief Diplomatic Officer Fleet Captain Helene Donohue, and Chief of Operations LT. Andrew Switzer. The crew also includes Chaplin LTC. Tom Larson, yeoman CAPT. Agi Szanto, and ship's counselor LT. Laura Forgey. The rest of the crew is made up of four families, including Michael and James from Hawaii and Jodi and Duane Boman with their children Jeff and Craig from San Francisco. The ship's Cruise Director and Engineering Officer is CAPT. James T. Kirk.

Commanding Officer

CO of USS Golden Gate: Admiral Kawika Nottage - Vulcan/Betazoid, 54 y/o, well-mannered, logical, and empathic. Holds high expectations of people and enjoys water sports. Mental health has improved in the last two years.

David Nottage

USS Golden Gate Command Staff

Justin Fietzek

Executive Officer
COMM Justin Fietzek

Male Avatar

Chief Medical Officer
Captain George Pappas

Alvin Camige

Marine Commander
COL. Alvin Camidge

Lawrence Chin

Chief of Communications
Lt Lawrence Chin

Boman Sobol


Anthony Abrams

Chief of Security
Lt Cmdr Anthony Abrams

Female Avatar

Chief Diplomatic Officer
Fleet Captain Helene Donohue

Andrew Switzer

Chief of Operations & DOIC of the 49th
MCAP Andrew Switzer

Tom Larson Chaplin

LTC. Tom Larson

Lt. Stephanie Wilson Chief Science Officer

Chief Science Officer
Lt. Stephanie Wilson

Female Avatar

Ship's Counselor
LT. Laura Forgey

James T Kirk

Engineering Officer & Cruis Director
Captain James T Kirk

Agi Szanto

Ret. FCAPT. Agi Szanto

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