USS Golden Gate NCC-2562

San Francisco Task Force

The Athabaska Exploratory Cruiser, USS Golden Gate NCC-2562, is a highly versatile starship that can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Its capabilities range from conducting exploratory missions to carrying out First Contact operations and maintaining peacekeeping efforts. The vessel is also well-suited for scientific research, border patrol, and defense operations.

Despite its classification as an Explorer, the USS Golden Gate has the capacity to undertake extended long-range missions. Its defenses are robust, as the unpredictability of space exploration and diplomacy may require immediate responses to unexpected situations.


USS Golden Gate - Athabaska-Class Exploratory Cruiser

USS Golden Gate LCARS

Athabaska Class Specifications

Physical Dimensions

  • Length Overall: 290.0 meters
  • Beam Overall: 141.7 meters
  • Draft Overall: 71.3 meters
  • Primary Hull Length: 144.6 meters
  • Primary Hull Beam: 141.7 meters
  • Primary Hull Draft: 32.5 meters
  • Nacelle Length: 154.8 meters
  • Nacelle Beam: 12.6 meters
  • Nacelle Draft: 18.3 meters


  • Standard: 190,000 metric tons
  • Light: 188,000 metric tons
  • Full Load: 196,000 metric tons


  • 2 Warp Engines: LN-64 Mod 3 Dilithium Energized Antimatter Linear Warp Drive Units
  • 2 Impulse Engines RST Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Units
  • Maneuvering Thrusters Type: QASR Particle Beam Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Reaction Control System Type: “Trentis” Pulsed Laser Reaction Control System


  • Cruising: Warp 7.7
  • Maximum: Warp 11.7

Crew Complement

  • Officers: 70
  • Crew: 420 
  • Total: 490


  • System Type: “Artos” Warp Celestial Guidance


  • System Type: “Fasfax” Duotronic III
  • Supplements/Add-Ons: Datatac Support Subsystem

Life Support

  • Gravity/Atmosphere Systems: MC-3E Artificial Gravity Generator
  • Radiation Shielding: “Rastis” Radiation Protection Package
  • Waste Regeneration Systems: “Cerix” Waste Regeneration Systems

Embarking Craft

  • 6 Shuttlecraft: Various (Typ. Manasu-Class, Galileo-Class)
  • 2 Aerowing Atmospheric Tactical Craft 
  • Type: 2 Travel Pods
  • Type: 6 Work Bees


Phaser Banks:

  • 14 Type: RIM-10C Independent Twin Mount
  • Emplacements/Bank: 2
  • 1 Type: RSM-14B Single Mount
  • Emplacements/Bank: 1

Photon Torpedoes:

  • 2 Torpedo Type(s): Mk 7 Mod 1 Direct
  • Megaphaser Banks:
  • 4 Type: “Emperor 60” Multi-Directional Pulse Cannons
  • Emplacements/Bank: 2


  • Deflector Systems: “Lancelot” Primary Force Field & Deflector Control System; CIDSS Deflector Supplement
  • Countermeasures Systems: CGCP/SCDS Cloaking Generation, Penetration, and Stasis Countermeasure System
  • Cloaking Device (Y/N): YES
  • Defense Scanning/Computer/Tracking Systems: Dobis Weapon System; PRA-TAK Fire Control Add-On


  • 1 Tractor Beam
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