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Join STARFLEET and be a part of the world's largest Star Trek fan organization with over 5600 members in 224 chapters globally! With chapters in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Malta, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, you can connect with like-minded fans from all over the world. As a non-profit corporation, we operate under a corporate structure governed by a President, Board of Directors, and Executive Committee. Join one of our designated Outposts, Starbases, or Starships, and experience the thrill of being a part of the military organization from the Star Trek TV shows and movies. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join the ultimate fan community. Join STARFLEET today!

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Types of Membership

  • Active: An active member is one who decides to fully participate in the Chapter and its parent organization by attending meetings, paying dues, receiving rank, and taking a position within the Chapter command structure. These ranks and positions are granted through the parent organization, by applying for various coursework and passing exams. The CO, according to demonstrated participation and initiative, might also grant rank. Active members receive all club communications via the newsletter or Facebook Group. They must also follow the rights and responsibilities of the parent organization.

  • Active Marine: The active Marine is interested in the more Military aspect of STARFLEET. When you choose to be a fully active Marine, it means you are affiliated with the SFMC. You will be able to take all the exams and are eligible to wear any awards and ribbons on your uniform, as long as it adheres to the regulations outlined in the SFMC Marine Force Manual. As an active Marine, you will be addressed as the other members of Military organizations. There is also the chance for you to be an enlisted person as well, as the backbone of every military organization is in its enlisted personnel. You can either choose to be an officer, or work your way up in the Non-Commissioned Officer ranks. You also have all the rights and responsibilities of the Active STARFLEET members listed above.

  • Reservist Marine: A reservist Marine is a member who wants to retain the ranking and structure of the parent organization in the grades used for the fleet. A reservist wants to be part of the more structured part of the club and wishes to participate in the deeper military part of STARFLEET. As a STARFLEET Marine, the reservist as well as the active Marine will be able to take the exams in the SFMC Academy and is authorized to wear their awarded ribbons on their uniforms, while maintaining their Naval rank and grade.

  • Cadet Corps: Members of the Cadet Corps are those members that are of the ages from birth through 17 years old.

  • Civilian Crew Member: A civilian crew member is one who wants to participate in the club activities, and events, attend meetings and receive the Chapter communications, but chooses not to participate in the ranking structure and will be considered a Crewman.

  • Correspondent: Correspondent members choose to participate through receiving and contributing to the Chapter via technology and other communications. These members may be primary members of other groups and are not required to join the parent organization. These members are not limited to any geographical area.

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