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Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations

The mission, which we have decided to accept, is to promote the concept of I.D.I.C. (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) and have fun doing it!

The USS Golden Gate is a Star Trek™ fan club made up of folks who want to have a good time enjoying the universe of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek®, in all its many forms.  We are a diverse group; we welcome anyone who loves Science Fiction regardless of race, creed, nationality, gender, politics, sexual orientation, or ability differences as long as it does not adversely affect another member.  Our city of the charter is San Francisco, California.

We choose the name ‘Golden Gate’ because we feel that the Golden Gate Bridge symbolizes all that is special and promising about our city.  As San Francisco is the birthplace of the United Nations and “lets no stranger wait outside her door,” we embrace the Golden Gate Bridge as our symbol for the I.D.I.C concept, we see it reflected in the tolerance and acceptance that so many of us have found in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

USS Golden Gate Banner

Our initial  “Shuttle” was launched as an Asmodeus-Class Light Corvette (NCC-2002/07).  It has now been retrofitted as the USS Angel, NCC-753.

Our current Ship is commissioned as an Athabaska-Class Exploratory Cruiser (NCC-2562).  Our fictional mission is both Diplomatic, as well as Medical.  We, therefore, have full Diplomatic Staff, and an extensive Medical Research & Relief Department, combined with the necessary complement of Engineering, Security, Operations, Marine, and Command posts. Standing order #1 and Chapter Motto: LIVE LONG AND PARTY ON, DUDES!

As a Chapter, The USS Golden Gate was first commissioned as part of STARFLEET in the early ‘90s and then again on Stardate 9605.31 as a UFPI Charter Chapter.  Three years ago, she reunified with her original Region 4 of STARFLEET and loved every minute of it!

USS Golden Gate Task Force

In 2012 we created the Starfleet Marine Corps’ 49th Medical SAR Group, “The Fallen Angels of Mercy”, and their two Aerowings, Alcatraz and Farallones became an onboard craft.  The 49th motto: ‘We will move the pillars of heaven to save the fallen’ captures the lengths this SpecOps Medical Team will go to perform their missions.

In 2013 the addition of the USS Angel (NCC-753) was given to the 49th MSG’s Diplomatic Officer in charge.  They are tasked with providing Diplomatic, as well as Strategic Special Operations Support, not only to their mothership but also to the Marines of the 49th.  Click on the ship to the right to see more on the USS Angel. 

Later in 2013, The creation of the Cadet Corps of the USS Golden Gate was completed.  This added the USS Newfoundland (NCC-1196) a Bonaventure Class Cruiser to the Group and our training vessel.  Based in Sacramento, CA they actively engage your young cadets in art and science.

These additions created the San Francisco Task Force.

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